­Automated buildings & residences are our field of expertise. We offer consulting services providing maximum efficiency in the daily use of any new or renovated structure. Lights, shutters, temperature, alarm, fault monitoring, energy and audio visual can easily be controlled through local controllers as well as through mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop e.t.c). 


Every project has its own needs. This is why we work extensively on the individual planning of every project that integrates automation controls. Controllers, devices and applications are carefully chosen to meet the technical specification of each building or residence. Our high quality standards along with the desired functionality are our guidelines.


Using EIB / KNX technology to its maximum, not only do we have the ability to program any device based on that protocol, but also to connect to almost any third-party system. Moreover, staying up-to-date with the upcoming wireless devices offered by various companies we are also able to provide solutions that do not need re-wiring but only programming.


Our on-site services ensure the proper functioning of all automated devices. Furthermore, they ensure the quality control of the building functions in accordance with the initial automation planning  as well as the integration of  third-party systems.

Application fields


Lighting can be controlled for comfort, economy, or both! In addition to saving money, a lighting control system can add ambience to any room, increase productivity at workplaces and improve safety, just to name a few examples. Lighting can be programmed to change status or intensity at predefined times and under various scenarios or controlled simply via a smart-phone, tablet or wall switches etc. Lighting scenes for each room (or for the whole house / building) cab be saved and recalled by a simple touch.


Automated shutters and blinds offer the ultimate convenience. The user can take advantage of various programming solutions that facilitate their control. Pre-set positioning, sun tracing, automatic programs, group and central control, wind and rain protection are some of the features that provide a variety of control choices to the end user.



Heating-Ventilation-AC (HVAC)

A comfortable room temperature is essential. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning control solutions can ensure a pleasant environment that fulfills all user needs combined with energy saving. Individual room control, as well as central control allow the user to adjust each room separately or change the temperature settings of all spaces simultaneously. Furthermore, timed operation modes, weather station data usage and interaction with other electromechanical systems provide full control of every space.


Every home or building should be as safe and secure as possible. Security solutions do not only include passive systems like motion detectors, glass breakage detectors and window/door sensors but active systems as well (presence simulation). Additionally, security cameras which can stream directly to your iOS/Android device, as well as panic buttons, smoke alarms and gas detectors, provide a complete security solution giving the user total peace of mind.


Surveillance (CCTV)

IP based surveillance cameras with different configurations can be installed to maximize the security of a house or building. Live streaming directly to an iOS/Android device or a PC provide the user with complete surveillance of the area, increasing the sense of security.


Faults Monitoring

In both houses and buildings, monitoring the faults in installations provides the user with integrated status control of all functions. Technical faults (such as overflow, overheat, equipment malfunction etc.) can be monitored and displayed which allows the user to act quickly in case of an emergency.

Energy Management

Saving energy has become one of the most important topics of today. Our solutions provide a variety of features that optimize energy efficiency. Energy management is done by monitoring, logging and visualizing the data choosing the appropriate devices and techniques for each project.

Audio Visual

Integrated technologies with easy-to-use controls give you the ability to control sound and entertainment devices (e.g. TVs, projectors, multimedia) from a user-friendly consolidated environment.

Integration of third-party systems

Integrating third party systems into a supervising environment is vital for the proper functioning of all systems. Additionally, this allows full exploitation of their capabilities. Unified monitoring and control provide the user a simple and effective way to interact with the whole building.


Would you like to control your house / building from one spot, local or remote, even during vacation? Our integrated approach provides centralized visualization control, locally or from any computer, tablet and smartphone. Lights, shutters, temperature, security, audio-visual, cameras and faults could be visualized in one environment uniquely designed for each users’ needs.